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Vancouver jazz guitarist Bill Coon and his Mini Voyager

Hear Bill play his Mini Voyager on "I Don't Mind" from
Gary Macdonald's latest jazz CD.

Here is Bill and Vancouver jazz singer Kate Hammett-Vaughan.

Hear a clip from Bill's latest CD. Click on the picture above.


Check here for recent Kinal displays at NAMM and the Vancouver Guitar Show.

Endorsers and reviews of Kinal instruments

Ian McNally
Amanda Marshall

Craig Poole
Utah session player
Kenn Smith
Chicago session player

Dave Olson
Vancouver session

Adam Popowitz
Yve Adam

Andre LaChance
Pro player, instructor
Brad Turner, Soulstream,
Kate Hammett-Vaugn

John Towill
Pro player in
Chris Tarry

Jim Markway
New Orleans pro player:
"Impeccable workmanship and quality. Extremely easy to play."

Lonnie Plaxico
Cassandra Wilson
Doug Gerry
Jazz guitarist
Los Angeles
Sound sample

John Perkins
Vancouver pro player

Rod Macdonald
The Dynamics
The Humbletons
Rob Faccio and Tony Rosselli
Splitting Adam

Mark Abraham
Toronto session player

Lee Oliphant
Freelance bassist
Kelly Becker
Producer / Session Bassist / Studio Owner

Scott Tucker
Carmen and Camille, Zayne, Famous Players, Retrofitz

Jeff Johnson
Edmonton free-lance
jazz fusion bassist
Paul Plimley
Jazz pianist turns to the dark side with guitar.

Tim Parent

Rob Hamilton
Kia Kadiri, Soulstream, Chad Makela Quartet,
Swollen Members

Kelly Brown
Vancouver funk and jazz guitarist

Mike Bridges
Pro rocker from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Steve Pereira
Producer with incredible fado singer Salome

Mark Herstein
"I've tried all the major brand basses and have stuck with my Kinal for over 25 years now. I play hard and the Kinal bass gives me the expression and versatility I've always wanted in a bass."

John Parson
For over 20 years, John Parsons, The Weekend Warrior, has been kicking out the jams with his Kinal Standard guitar.
"Big Daddy" Thomas Majcan
"I needed a guitar that could cut all the gigs. I have others but the Kinal is my favourite because of its palette of tones, playability, and comfort. The Kinal receives a lot of attention."

Bill Ramirez
New York

Jaron Evil
"Whether it's death metal or funk, my Kinal has blown away every other bass I've EVER played. Period."


Vogville Studios BC
Renowned B.C. recording studio equipped with Solid State Logic console featuring Kinal Standard guitar

Mark Fitchett
Los Angeles professional guitar player and owner of two Kinal solid body guitars and a new Voyager archtop.
Mark reviews 3 Kinal guitars

Bill Coon
Popular Vancouver jazz guitarist with his new Mini Voyager


Tim Renaud
Vancouver bassist now performing with The Carpenter's Son and the Celtic band Blackthorn

Khaliq Glover
Los Angeles producer and owner of a Kinal Standard guitar

Ethan Osland
Visual/punk/rock bassist
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Greg Bagley
American freelance bassist and Kinal Kompact player. Check his videos using his fretless Kompact.
Click here to listen to a Kinal Kompact played by Greg Bagley and the Fisher Ensemble. Also, here is an interview with Greg about his bass.

Nori Wentworth
Hard rocker and session player from Kelowna, BC. Psaphonic, Papa Wheely, and Brock Andrews Band

Victoria Gibson
Vancouver musician performing at the 2008 Children's Festival with Paul Plimley

Brent Mabe
American bassist with the dynamic country and western review, The Baldknobbers

Dave Vergato
Freelance bassist from Charlotte, North Carolina

Steve Kulusic
Vancouver blues guitarist on his new Kinal Standard: "Everything about it is great from the way it plays to the tone and resonance, to the look, finish and craftsmanship."

Curtis DeBray
Lead guitarist in Vancouver band Lesismore

Will Moye
Will Moye is currently a member of WE3 and Bass and Drums, as well as a Pacific Northwest freelance artist.

Will Hodgins
Upcoming Vancouver guitarist from the band "Coalition."

Ken Turner
45-year weekend warrier in the Kootenays; plays in "No Excuse." "I love my bass, when I push it it pushes back"

Eric Wettstein
Eric Wettstein with his Kinal MK21, plays in Missingno.

Brian St. John
Brian St. John professional bassist from Barbados

Steve Giltrow
from the Sunshine coast (Gibsons) with his Mini Voyager.


Peter Trotzuk
Veteran professional bassist

Mike Reilander

Mike Reilander of Rielander pickups with his new MT custom

Rick Reubart
with the band
Serpentine Funk.

Bob Walker
Las Vegas, NV. Professional bass player since 1967. Currently owns a Kinal MK4 fretted and a Kinal SK4 fretless.

Russ Meehan
"I've been playing bass for 30 years, and in that time I've played and owned countless makes and models, but my Kinal MK5 will go with me to my grave, it's perfect."

Alan Clinger
Cape Cod, Mass. with his 16" Voyager Arch Top

Kerry Lacey
Professional bassist from Farmington Hills, MI..

Clayton Dupuis
Vancouver guitarist with his Kinal
Standard guitar

Julian Jayme
Jazz guitarist with his JK series arch top.

I'll be seeing you

Satellite (Coltrane)

Darn that Dream

Maiden Voyage

James Prescott
Jazz guitarist from Kelowna
with his Mini Voyager

Budge Schachte
Guitarist,composer,producer and teachers performs with Van Django, Wilson/Schachte Duo, and Karen Budge Duo
check them out

Matt Franceschini
Vancouver Jazz Guitarist

Andreas Schuld (aka Buster Brown)
One of Canada's most recorded artist.

Check out his many recordings at brouhaha records group.
Buster Brown & the New Resolutions